Changing Gears

Life is full of moments, many of which are completely outside our control. and often we find ourselves reacting to events around us as they build momentum, leading to a sense of futility or helplessness even when we’re achieving those incredible results we’d been dreaming of. When this happens, it’s important to take a step back and take stock of what’s really important in your life and in your business.

There’s a wonderful book by Marshall Goldsmith called What got you here won’t get you there, in which we’re encouraged to understand that it takes more than technical ability to succeed as a leader and as a manager. It’s one of those areas that has been well understood by a lot of people for a long time, yet we still somehow promote technically capable people into management positions and don’t do enough to support the transition.

What’s even worse is when that is happening to us in our own business. Many business owners I’ve spoken with started out with full confidence in their ability to deliver a high quality service to their clients. And they succeeded because that’s what they did. They even hired other capable staff because they were getting more work than they could do on their own.

But these businesses get to a point where the owners are spending all of their energy delivering services, and very little energy on planning for a new stage of growth. There needs to be a change of mindset for these owners to move beyond the existing model and focus their energy on running their business operations more strategically.

Many business owners in this stage aren’t able to identify their most successful products, and would have a hard time describing what success or failure looks like for many of the roles they’re paying people to perform. The highly skilled individuals who’ve come on board each bring their unique perspective and approach, but this can leave customers with an inconsistent experience, and result in double working many solutions.

Taking the time out to strategically plan your business operations is critical to shifting gears and moving into a new stage of growth. There are thousands of tools freely available that can assist with this work, but this can leave owners and managers feeling overwhelmed and uninformed.

My advice if you find yourself in this scenario is simple. Find someone who’s gone through this kind of transition before, and ask for their help. Talk to someone who understands your industry if possible, but at the very least you should get a hold of someone who has had success in business management, who can provide clear insight into where to focus your energy for the best return on your investment.

Of course, I’m also available for a conversation – call now to book in a free session and we’ll put a plan together for how you can start moving towards a better future in your business.

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