What Season Are You In?

Life moves in seasons. There are times where it seems like nothing is happening no matter how much work you’re putting in, and other times you can be overwhelmed with business. Sometimes it feels like you’re running as fast as you can just to keep up (known in some circles as the “Red Queen Effect” in reference to the classic Alice in Wonderland stories).

Recognizing the season you are in is key to finding success and fulfillment in life. I recently heard a quote “The fool does not plough his field in seed time, and is surprised when there is no harvest”. It’s a reminder that there are times to focus on specific activities, and that sometimes results come a while after the work.

I’m not much of a farmer, but my perception of farming is that it is a difficult job that never seems to end. But to succeed in farming, you need to be able to prioritize and focus on the most important things for the season you’re in.

Business (and life) is really the same. There are times when we need to adjust our priorities and focus our activities. This especially applies to seasonal businesses (where you depend on external events to drive a large portion of your business – like Christmas, Tax Time, Summer or Winter etc).

Have you planned out your calendar to identify the best time for you to focus on different parts of your business? You probably have a time set aside to update your budget and review your goals for the year, but do you have a time where you’ll focus on specific products or services? Do you have a time where you’ll drive custom solutions with large customers, or where you’ll run a campaign to gain exposure?

Sometimes you can’t plan this out, but if you pay attention you should at least be able to identify the season you’re in. Focus your efforts on the top priorities, and make sure you set aside time to review those priorities deliberately – they will change over time.

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