Meeting Needs

To meet the needs of your partners, clients or customers, you first need to understand them. If you start your planning with your own products and services top of mind, you will miss out on the all important feedback from the market. On the other hand, if you give the market too much attention you’ll soon start offering products and services that don’t align with you at all, just because someone asked you to.

All strategic planning starts with “the End” in mind (sticking with the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People still) – what are you aiming for. But too often we get caught up thinking that our own products and services are the “End” we should focus on. In many cases, the products and services we design are close, but not quite perfect. We need to understand the market’s needs and adapt our offerings to make sure that we are providing value that’s being sought out.

For example, I recently ran a poll on a business group I’m a part of, and was informed that the overwhelming majority of members in that group struggled with Lead Generation. I was surprised – there are dozens of consultants and coaches out there peddling their latest course that is guarantee’d to take your business to 7 figures (and beyond) in a matter of weeks. Although I haven’t spent any of my career developing leads, I understand the process and have been able to work out my own strategy based on freely available information.

So I’ve not spent a lot of time looking in to the offerings from online coaches until recently, and I’ve got to say I was a bit disappointed. Their strength might be in pitching and selling, but when you scratch the surface there’s not a whole lot being offered. I joined a few webinars to see what was actually being taught, and what the courses included. I did in fact find a few that seemed reasonably priced and appeared to offer useful techniques. But the vast majority of these “courses” are nothing more than an automated email or video feed peddling tips from years ago, talking about the “latest trends”.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to collate some good resources and provide what I can find free of charge. You can expect to see something posted soon. I’m going to be gathering this material for myself anyway, and I figure that some of the people who are looking for a strategic plan for lead generation with step-by-step guidelines might be interested talking to me about some of my more focused services.

I don’t want to just regurgitate wholesale, so I’ll take a bit of time to produce something of real value before posting. Let me know if you have any other requests that you’d be interested in as well, I’m most interested in providing value that contributes to real growth for you and your business.

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