The Power of Reframing

It could have been worse.

I mean, it’s not like I was dying or anything.

I literally had four different friends who were all going through their own cancer ridden nightmare – but all I could focus on was that my job had finished, and I didn’t have anything else lined up.

It’s crazy how money becomes so important so quickly. You can go through weeks without thinking about it when you have a “secure” income, just checking through the accounts every now and then to make sure things are working as planned. But then you suddenly have to manage to a whole new level of detail. Every purchase is reconsidered. You stop buying coffee, and you start thinking differently about just how much meat you need to eat each week.

It can be rather painful – and it’s somehow worse to know that it’s not really the end of the world at all. Knowing that people are literally dealing with life and death situations should make you feel better, but it just makes you feel guilty for feeling bad.

So yeah, it could have been worse. But it wasn’t a dream come true either.


I have to say that reframing has to be one of the most powerful tools we have available to us. The power to take any situation and restate the same facts from a different perspective is a life changing ability. It’s almost a literal superpower as far as I’m concerned. It’s the difference between being broken by circumstances, or empowered to break free.

Here’s the same story, reframed.

I was exhilarated!

I couldn’t believe the opportunity I was being offered – I had spent a year building business processes and working with some great people, and I’d done such a good job that they didn’t need me any more. To top it off, they’d pay out my notice period and an extra four weeks, and I would be able to move on to any new adventure I wanted to choose!

I would have full control over my time and efforts, to be able to choose to spend an afternoon with my daughter during school holidays, or to play basketball with my son. To have a lunch date with my wife and not worry about getting back to the office. To take the morning to focus on God, on life, and on purpose.

And for the first time, I wouldn’t be in a situation where I was precluded from helping others by a contract I’d signed, or by a non-compete arrangement that restricted me.

Of course, it wouldn’t be easy – I was walking into a world I’d only been dreaming of. Since my very first days as an adult, I’d always known I’d be involved in helping people – but for most of my career that had been purely as an employee. Contracting out for specific jobs was only something I’d done a few times. But how exciting it would be to start something entirely new, building on my experience in corporate and non-profit alike!

I’d have to learn a whole new level of trust. In myself, in my wife, in my family, and most of all in my God. But this was a journey I’ve been on for a while – one more step towards knowing at my core that God is good, and that this life is full of adventure that I’m well equipped for.

Knowing that so many people were in the middle of their own battles with cancer put things into perspective for me. Not only were my challenges straightforward and well understood – I had the ability to take action and directly attack my situation. It’s just work, it’s just money. For my friends dealing with health issues, it’s not been so straightforward as that. And here again I get to see another benefit – I can be a friend who’s able to turn up when needed. Except for when I’ve booked time with a client, I’m able to shift my work around to remain available for those who might need me.

The Story Continues

It’s still very early stages for me, and for Strategic Ventures. But that’s just part of the excitement. I get to choose how I look at this, and I’m choosing to see with eyes of faith. The opportunity exists, and I know I’m able to make a positive impact wherever I put my attention. Maybe you could be a part of this next chapter. Get in touch with me to see if there’s some way I can save you time in your business, and free you up to see from a higher level.

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