Walking Cat Posters

I was recently discussing with a client why they had agreed to work with me, and they said something that stuck with me. He said “You’re not like the other business coaches I’ve met – you’re not just a walking ‘Cat Poster’. You actually get alongside us and understand our work and our industry”.

I love getting feedback from clients on what’s working for them, but this phrase has stuck in my mind for the last couple of weeks. I think one of the major issues we have in the business coaching and consulting industry is that there is a lot of unqualified “fluff” that gets presented. It’s even worse when you look at coaching in general – you have people marketing themselves as “life coaches” when they’ve not even reached a quarter of their expected life span.

It’s been a long held frustration of mine – so much so that I actively avoid referring to my business as coaching, even though there is a large element of my work that is focused on training and challenging the mindset and thinking of business owners to elevate their vision to reach that “next level” that everyone seems to be obsessed with.

The thing is, for me it’s not just something I read in a book and agree with. I’ve spent the time developing my mindset and skills working in businesses, going through transformation and change. I’ve worked with managers and owners on strategic plans, and actually had to implement them. I’ve dealt with the pain and frustration when communication is broken down, and people are walking. And I’ve turned situations around and brought unity and vision back into environments that desperately needed it.

If I was ever to use a phrase as corny as “If you can Dream it You can Achieve it”, it’d be true – because I’d follow up with a planning session where we map out the specific actions required to get from where we are to where we wish we were.

Mindset and motivation are critically important for anyone who wants to make a change, but most business owners I work with don’t have an issue with drive. It’s usually an issue of perspective, communication, and planning. They don’t understand that other people don’t think like them – so they need help seeing from their team’s perspective. They get upset that people don’t “get it” – so they need help explaining their position and their goals in ways that make sense. And often they want to “just do it” – so they need help breaking their goal out into actionable steps that are realistic and achievable.

So yes, I am a business coach – just not like the ones you’ve seen before.

If you know someone who could use some assistance in these areas, pass this on and encourage them to get in touch with me. I’d love to help you make a difference in the way your business operates.

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