Be inspired. Be inspiring.

There are a lot of different points of view out there about how life began. The prevailing thought today is that life began billions of years ago through a random combination of chemicals followed by a sequence of events that resulted in a physical universe, with organisms that developed into something like you.

Other thoughts we’ve held to across our history tend towards life being created by a supreme being, a god who had some intention for creation. In some of these stories, the creator god stayed invested in this creation, in others the god just got bored or something and isn’t really interested in us any more.

You are unique

The most important part of this is of course that you are alive today. How life began, when and where it happened – none of that changes the fact that you DO exist here and now.

And you are incredibly fortunate to be who you are. You are unique in the universe. And even the person who is actually the least fortunate, your very existence as a human being in the 21st century is a privilege that is truly astounding when you stop to think about the alternatives.

You have access

And if you’re reading this article, it’s because you are even more fortunate again. You have access to a world of information. You can communicate with people across the planet, and you can learn from people who inspire you in ways that we would have only dreamed of in years gone by.

You have opportunities

There are so many opportunities today that we just take for granted. Opportunities to create meaningful connections, to learn and to grow. Opportunities to create art, to build understanding, and to establish a foundation that will serve our children into the future.

Sometimes we worry that if we share our good ideas, someone else will get the benefit and we’ll miss out. The truth is more often that when you share your good idea, you will become more motivated to take action on it, and you’ll have someone out there who will ask you about how you’re progressing. Most of the time, our good ideas aren’t even that good yet. We need to work on them, build them up, and bounce them around with someone else to gain perspective. By sharing your idea, you will be the one taking advantage.

So get excited

Today, I would challenge you to identify at least two things you can be grateful for in your own life – anything from the fact of your existence today to a brand new idea or thought of an opportunity you could pursue. Then I want you to share your joy with someone else. Give it as much as you can – because joy shared is doubled. Be inspired. Be inspiring.

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