23rd Psalm for Project Managers

God is my boss, who makes an unlimited budget available to me.

He manages my workload to keep me enjoying my work.

He provides resources and teams that specialize in my requirements, and that work well together.

He is generous in His budget and timelines.

He provides guidance when needed, because He is the one who sponsored my projects.

Even when we are over budget and behind schedule, I have confidence we can still deliver – because You are on my side.

Your standards, processes and resources set me up for success.

You commend me publicly, and are generous in your pay and bonuses.

You protect me from office politics with your support and favour in public.

You have appointed me as a leader with full authority, and you’ve given me a blank cheque for my projects.

You’ve given me tenure that can’t be revoked, and I know that you will always put our relationship above any project, regardless of any success or failure.

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